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Kirkland iPhone Repair for Water Damage

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Water Damage can cause multiple problems with your iPhone and companies claiming to repair a high percentage of water damaged devices for a FLAT RATE are not being completely honest. Our prices for water damaged iPhones start at just $40 and will including a thorough cleaning of all internal components. If it is discovered that individual components on your iphone need to be replaced, you will be charged according to normal prices for each item.

The most common thing to be replaced after water damage is the battery. The cost of battery replacement is just $40. Please remember, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED A DIME IF WE CAN'T FIX IT! Time is of the essence, please bring in your device as soon as possible so that we can completely disassemble, clean, dry and reassemble your device for the best chance of survival!

Contact us for any questions about our iPhone water damage repair needs in Kirkland.

CONTACT US BY SENDING US AN EMAIL or phone at (425) 753-3557 for the LOWEST PRICES!

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